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Web-based  or Client-based email

THAT is the question!

This is a question that we get all the time... asking us to set up someone's email to their Comcast or Embarq account. We usually try to talk them out of it! Why you ask? Well, think about the following points for a minute.


1.     What if you change providers and you have to go through the hassle of emailing everyone and telling them your new email address.


2.     Suppose you check your email using your email software that downloads it to your computer, then you go out somewhere and get on another person's computer and try to access an important message: but you can't get to it because it is on your computer at home. 


3.     How about if you don't keep your virus protection software updated and you download a virus. Web based email has virus protection that sits on their server and is updated daily. 


4.     What if you go out of town and need to check your email. It is easier to use a free web based service like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo



5.     Worst of all, the inevitable hard drive crash on your computer causing you to loose all the emails that you have downloaded. You will also have to re-set everything back up after a new hard drive is installed. With a web based email service you will have access to your email while your computer is down. 



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