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Theft Mitigation:

Write down MAKE, MODEL & SERIAL NUMBERS and put it where you can find it. (not on the computer)

Always set a BIOS password. (remember it!!!)

Set a USER password in BIOS. (never forget it!!!)

If your laptop is ever stolen or misplaced it is completely useless to the thief if these passwords are set.  

It is not a great idea to put passwords, credit card info or other sensitive info on your computer; however, if you must, use some sort of code that only you would likely understand.


  1. If you speak a foreign language (not a common one to your area), then you can write some of the numbers contained in passwords etc. in words instead as numerals.
  2. When passwords have an "a" in them, use the @ sign instead; but not in any of the hints you put for remembering it. (just know for yourself)
      eg. P/W is: eleph@nt
      Your hint could be just "elephant"
    The example is simplistic however you should get the idea. BE CREATIVE; but also devious.
  3. As a variation on #1 above find a word (either in English or a foreign language) that has 10 unique letters and assign the numbers 0 to 9 to each letter in ascending or descending order. Now use the letters in place of the numbers. You can create many good variations on how this technique can be used.                                                                 
  4. Use your immagination to create unique memory devices for yourself.
  5. Remember to ALWAYS backup your computer - it's not 'IF' you will have a problem, it is 'WHEN'!          
  6. Whenever you buy or download software with authentication keys be sure to keep a copy in a known safe place.


Whatever technique you use.  Be consistent and don't forget what you used. Above all do not write passwords  down anywhere which could compromise your system.