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Our Services

Specialize in laptop & desktop hardware/software service

If you want to sell your used laptop or dektop system please let us know, we will usually make you an offer.

Broken screens and power jacks on laptops can be repaired usually within 2 days to a week (at most).

Virus and spyware removal can usually be accomplished without data loss. (we will certainly do our best)

If your computer has always done the job for you and has just gotten sluggish or started to misbehave - bring it in, we will make it like new again for much less money than the cost of a new one.

In case of 'liquid spill damage' be sure to immediately disconnect all power sources including batteries. If brought in to us as soon as possible there is a chance we can get it to work. The longer the wait the better chance of PERMANENT damage.

We now offer some Phone and tablet services.

CALL US, we will be happy to help.